Bonduit Conduit AdhesiveBonDuit® Conduit Adhesive joins polyethylene duct to PVC, fiberglass, and metal duct using standard PVC couplings. This rapid-cure, two-part resin adhesive forms a durable bond for a strong, permanent, water-tight joint.
BonDuit® Conduit Adhesive is a versatile field-friendly conduit joining solution. It works for multiple conduit types and sizes. It is easy to use and no special training is required.

Adhesive Shear Strength
Typical bond strengths were measured by joining two pieces of HDPE conduit with a PVC coupling and BonDuit® Adhesive. The force required to pull apart the joint after 24 hours at 70° F was measured.

Hydrostatic (Pressure) Testing
BonDuit® Conduit Adhesive forms a water-tight joint. HDPE duct was joined to PVC duct with a PVC coupling and the adhesive. The ducts were filled with water, sealed, pressurized to
60 psi, and observed over time for leakage. The joint was then subjected to a short duration, high pressure test.

Product Benefits:
• Easy to use
• Fast cure
• Durable bond
• Water-tight and air-tight seal
• High tensile strength
• Suitable for most common ducts

End Use:
• BonDuit® Conduit Adhesive bonds polyethylene to:
• PVC Couplings
• Concrete Vaults
• Transition Couplings
• Above Ground Conduits
• Steel Sweeps and Elbows
• Fiberglass and Composite Connections

Model Specification

Approved conduit joining system is BonDuit® Conduit Adhesive. The conduit adhesive shall come in a multiple-use cartridge to bond various conduit connections without special fitting or positioning jigs. The packaging shall automatically mix and meter the adhesive. The cure rate for the adhesive shall be fast, reaching 50% of final strength in one hour (@ 75° F), and 80% of final strength in two hours (@ 75° F). The peak exotherm temperature of mixed product shall not exceed 200° F (20 gram sample.) Product shall be suitable for use on various duct materials, multiple duct sizes and connection types.
Once cured, the adhesive seal shall be airtight and watertight. A one-inch, PVC coupling sealed to a polyethylene duct with the adhesive shall hold 120 psi air pressure after curing one hour at 75° F. The pull-out strength of a two-inch polyethylene duct sealed to a PVC coupling shall be at least 910 lbs force after curing one hour at 75° F and at least 1820 lbs force after curing for 24 hours. The adhesive shall have a minimum flexural strain of 2% as measured by ASTM D790.
The cured adhesive shall be resistant to water, salt water, oils, and uv degradation. The cured bond shall withstand temperature extremes from -60° F to 250° F. It shall withstand multiple freeze-thaw cycles. The cured product shall be non-conductive with a minimum dielectric strength of 450 Volts/Mil as measured by ASTM D149.

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescription
BT-KITGKit contains: 2 50-ml BonDuit® Adhesive Cartridges; 8 Mixing Nozzles; 1 Strip of Sanding Cloth; 8 TR-1 Cleaning Wipes; 1 Instruction Sheet; 1 Dispensing Tool         
BT-KITKit contains: 2 50-ml BonDuit® Adhesive Cartridges; 8 Mixing Nozzles; 1 Strip of Sanding Cloth; 8 TR-1 Cleaning Wipes; 1 Instruction Sheet (Dispensing tool not included.)         
BT-KITB6G Bulk kit contains 6 Individual Kits, BT-KIT. 1 Dispensing Tool Included         
BT-KITB6Bulk kit contains 6 Individual Kits, BT-KIT (Dispensing tool not included.)         
BT-TOOL 1 Dispensing Tool         
BT-10NOZZLE10 Mixing Nozzles         
BT-CART12PK12 50-ml BonDuit® Adhesive Cartridges in a Package         

**Slower curing version BonDuit® Conduit Adhesive available (BTSC). Call your local Vikimatic customer service representative for details.