Additional Headend Cabling SolutionsSee PDF for complete technical information.

Quad-shield, RG59 headend cable is used in headend applications which require longer runs or higher bandwidth. It’s also available in an 8-pack version, and is equivalent to CommScope HEC-2 cable. See connector sections for compatible F and BNC connectors.

lectrical Characteristics:
Impedance: 75 ± 3 ohms
Nom. Inductance: .097 Micro-H/ft
Nom. Capacitance Conductor to Shield: 16.2 pF/ft
Nom. Velocity of Propagation: 83%
Nom. Delay: 1.2 ns/ft
Structural Return Loss: 5 - 1000 MHz, 20 dB Min.
Max. Operating Voltage: 300 V RMS
Nom. Conductor DC Resistance @ 20°C: 25.8 ohms/1000’
Nom. Shield DC Resistance @ 20°C: 6.6 ohms/1000’

Physical Characteristics:
Temperature Rating: -40° To +80°C
Min. Bending Radius: 2.5” (single); 10” (8-pack)
Max. Pulling Tension: 140 lbs
Conductor Material & Dia: 20 AWG Solid Silver Plated Copper Covered Steel, .032”
Dielectric Material & Dia: Gas Injected Foam Polyethylene, .144”
Shield Type: 1st Layer - Bonded Duofoil
2nd Layer - 95% Alum Braid
3rd Layer - Duofoil Tape
4th Layer - 95% Alum Braid
U.L./NEC & CEC Rating: CATV or CM; UL-1581 Vertical Tray Flame Test
Available in 11 colors

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescriptionNominal O.D. (in)Nominal Weight. (lb/1000')
V100177 RG59 Quad Shield, Single HEC2 0.270 35
YR51180 RG59 Quad Shield, 8-pack HEC2 0.997 364