Corning Gilbert Bonding Blocks and F-81 Drop Products

Corning Gilbert’s next generation of high frequency drop products are designed for the highest electrical performance while maintaining excellent extended reliability.

The cylindrical contact design has four points of contact, not the two found in most high performance products. Contacts are manufactured from BeCu to insure reusability while maintaining high contact force. All F-female ports have a flat reference plane for maximum surface contact. F-females are machined from brass and nickel plating for maximum corrosion resistance.

Bonding blocks are manufactured from 6000 series aluminum and accept #14 AWG to #6 AWG copper ground wire. All mounting and bonding screws are accessible when installed. The sufficient leg length allows connectors to be easily removed while the bonding block is installed.

Product Features and Benefits

Bonding Blocks

  • · 6000 series aluminum for excellent corrosion properties and low electrical resistance
  • · Accepts #14 AWG to #6 AWG grounding conductor
  • · Available in both single and dual versions
  • · UL Listed
  • · Mounting screws and bonding wire screw are accessible when mounted & connectorized
  • · Tall legs allow for easy connector installation
  • · Mounting screws optional


  • · Wider center hex body to allow easy wrench access
  • · Also available with single or double D flats

See PDF for product diagrams and specifications:

  • GF-81-HFB (see figure 3)
  • GGB-HFB-U (see figure 1)
  • GGB-HFB-U-SCR (see figure 1)
  • GGB-HFB-DU (see figure 2)
  • GGB-HFB-DU-SCR (see figure 2)