EDA-FT 100 Series Drop AmplifiersLong recognized as the industry leader in quality drop amplifiers, the Electroline EDA series offers the most complete range of high-quality, low-noise drop amplifier products available on the market. Within the EDA family, the EDA-FT100 series are the most compact versions in the Electroline offering.

Like all of Electroline’s drop amplifiers, these compact one-port versions offer the same performance and standards compliance as all other versions in the EDA family, which operators have consistently relied on since the first gallium arsenide (GaAs) chips were pioneered by Electroline.

Fully compatible with all signal formats, both analog and digital, the EDA-FT100 series offer a low-noise figure (3 dB) and very flat (±0.5 dB) frequency response. The optional power inserter provides greater flexibility when installing the EDA-FT series and can result in configurations that may reduce the amount of coaxial cable required or offer a more discrete and aesthetic installation.

Today’s cable subscriber may have much more than just a simple cable-ready TV set in the home. It is not uncommon to see multiple television sets, set-top boxes, VCRs or other recorders, a cable modem, and so forth. Since each home has a different set of devices and a different home wiring configuration, you need to evaluate the gain required at the source to be able to provide adequate signal levels to all devices and take into account the presence of splitters and of long cable lengths which reduce the amount of available signal.

The EDA-FT one-port drop amplifier is best used in homes where a 15-dB gain is sufficient to provide good signal levels to all the subscriber’s devices (TVs, set-top boxes, recorders, etc.), even when this gain is shared through splitters that are required to service all the devices.

• Fully compatible with all digital and analog signal formats, forward and reverse
• Proven quality with millions of EDA products deployed
• Noise factor of 3 dB
• 6 kV surge protection
• Weatherproof housing
• Sealed, 360º contact STCE-compliant F connectors
• Operating temperature range –40 to +60°C