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Draka ezPREP® Gel-Free Loose Tube | Product Catalog | TVC Canada


Draka ezPREP® Gel-Free Loose Tube

Draka’s popular ezPREP Gel-Free Loose Tube cables provide versatile performance for aerial lashed, duct, and direct buried installations.

These cables combine adhesive armor, flexible tubes, gel-free buffer tubes with water blocking material, and exclusive ColorLock® fiber coating to make ezPREP the easiest loose tube cables to access and prep - preferred by installers 3:1 over other brands.

Easy Cable Entry & Preparation

  • Gel-Free water blocked design simplifies access & reduces prep time by 15 minutes per cable end
  • Adhesive bond armor greatly improves mid-entry
  • Ripcord speeds cable entry & outer jacket removal
  • Dry core swellable binders speed cable prep

Flexible Routing & Termination

  • Up to 20’ buffer tube storage length supports multi-vendor FTTx pedestals, closures & cabinets
  • 2.5 mm flexible buffer tubes simplify routing & splicing prep
  • Available with BendBright, BendBright-XS, and BendBright Elite bend-tolerant single-mode fiber

Multi-purpose Installation & Use

  • Suitable for aerial lashed, duct, & direct buried installation
  • Small diameter & light weight extend installation length
  • Optional corrugated steel tape armor provides mechanical protection & rodent resistance
  • Crush resistant armor eliminates the need for additional ducting

Reliable Lifetime Performance

  • Exclusive ColorLock fiber coating (single-mode) for permanent embedded color & lifetime performance
  • Guaranteed standards-based performance