FTTH Fiber Optic Cleaning KitThe fiber optic kit for Fiber-To-The-Home cleaning ITW Chemtronics® has included all the cleaning supplies necessary for a successful fusion splice and 2.5mm fiber optic connection in this convenient kit. Electro-Wash® PX Precision Fiber Optic Cleaner and QbE® Cleaning System are included for performing the CCp™. Swabs and wipes are included for cleaning the fusion splicer and work area. Swabs are also included for cleaning ferrules, alignment sleeves and backplane connections. Electro-Wash® MX Premoistened Wipes are included for tool and cable wiping. All the swabs are packaged in rugged tubes for field operations. The kit bags are made from tough nylon for long life. They are equipped

CFK1000 1 FTTH fiber optic cleaning kit

Kit contains:
1 – QbE® Cleaning System (200 sheets)
1 – Electro-Wash® PX Precision Fiber Optic Cleaner (ES810)
1 – 2.5mm Foam Fiber Optic Swabs (50 swabs, 48042F)
1 – V-Groove and Ferrule Cleaning Swabs (50 swabs, 38542F)
1 – Fusion Splice Mirror Cleaning Swabs (15 swabs, 51125F)
1 – Lint-Free Precision Wipes (100 4”x4” wipes, 6704F)
5 – Electro-Wash® MX Premoistened Wipes (1 wipe per pack, CP421)
1 – Instructions
1 – Rugged Bag with carabineer attachment