OMNISTAR® GX2 GX2-OA100B SERIESOptical Amplifier

Network applications of the Motorola OmniStar GX2- OA100B Series Optical Amplifiers include in-line optical amplifiers for long-haul trunks and DWDM architectures, as well as applications for direct distribution to multiple nodes. The GX2-OA100B Series Optical Amplifiers are designed for use with the OmniStar® GX2 1550 nm directly or externally modulated transmitters. With adjustable output and three nominal powers available, +13dBm, +16dBm and +18dBm, the GX2-OA100B Series will accommodate link budgets for most trunk applications. Its three operating modes can satisfy a wide range of system design requirements: Constant Output Power mode-to maintain exact optical levels; Constant Pump Power mode-to optimize noise figures; and Constant Gain mode for DWDM applications. The GX2- OA100B Series Optical Amplifiers employ a proprietary Erbium-doped fiber formulation that provides low noise performance and the most reliable 980 nm pump lasers available in the industry. Other user benefits offered as part of the OmniStar GX2 platform include: higher density, SNMP interface for network management, embedded birth certificates and Quick-Swap module capability.

· Low Noise Figure
· User-settable optical power alarms
· Flat gain for DWDM applications from 1546nm to 1562nm
· Constant Output Power, Constant Gain, and Constant Pump Power Modes
· Front Panel Key Switch provided for pump on/off control
· Quick-Swap capability allows replacement modules to be automatically configured to prestored settings
· Includes a PowerPC® microprocessor made by Motorola for intelligent communication with the GX2-CM100B Control Module
· Operating Temperature Range from -20°C to +65°C