BFA Series

• Designed for singlemode or multimode fiber, both coated or non-coated, bare fiber or non connectorized components
• Easy fiber positioning
• Repeatable measurements, from test to test, from user to user

The BFA-3000 is an essential accessory for performing fast, accurate and repeatable power measurements on non-connectorized fiber or components. Its innovative, spring-loaded mechanism enables easy, consistent positioning of bare fibers for connection to a power meter via the FOA-3000 Adapter. This bare fiber adapter is perfect for repeatable power measurements using EXFO’s OHS-1713-UH Ultra-High-Power™ Optical Head.

Whether in an R&D setup or a manufacturing environment, the BFA-3000 complements EXFO’s IQS-1500, PM-1600, IQS-1600, IQS-1700 and OHS-1700 power meters (detectors = 3 mm), as well as the detectors used in the IQS-12001B Cable Assembly Test System.
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Ordering Information

Part NumberDescription
BFA-XX Bare Fiber Adapter
Multiple configurations available. Please check with your TVC representative or for details.
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