CODICO® E-1000 Broadcast, MPEG-2 Encoder

The E-1000 is a professional high quality Encoder that applies state of the art video quality, efficient bit rate, buffering control whilst delivering flexible encoding capabilities and high quality pictures at any given bit rate.

• Fixed and Mobile Contribution / Distribution
• Cable TV head-ends
• Digital Turnaround (DTA)
• Video Distribution over Telco infrastructure
• Video-on-Demand
• Direct Broadcast Satellite

Features and Options
• BISS mode 1 and BISS-E (DSNG-CA) support (optional)
• Built-in DS-3, G.703 interfaces (optional)
• Teletext and VBI Support, Analog and over SDI (optional)
• SNMP agent (optional)
• Encoder cascading (optional)
• Up to 4 stereo channels
• -48v power supply
• Low power consumption
• Dolby Digital (AC-3) 2.0 Encoding
• Dolby Digital (AC-3) Pass-Through
• Linear PCM and Dolby-E Pass-Through
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