I-Stop Reverse Test Probe • Taps unused KS ports for bi-directional measurements
• Compatible with SLMs and reverse and forward path analyzers
• Protects instruments from damage caused by line power
• Tracks reverse ingress to the nearest tap

Track reverse ingress down to the nearest tap

The I-Stop Reverse Test Probe is a test accessory that you can use with most signal level meters to take bi-directional signal measurements with no risk of power damage.

Just screw the probe into a distribution tap's unused KS port and a spring-loaded "stinger" connects a 20 dB resistive test point circuit to the hardline. The bi-directional connection lets a meter or analyzer measure forward and reverse signals, as well as reverse ingress. A built-in AC/DC blocking circuit protects the meter or analyzer from damage from online power up to 90 volts.


Part NumberDescription
201172800Reverse Test Probe