Hamlet® MonitorScope MS9000The MonitorScope MS9000 is designed for the measurement and monitoring of all HD, SD and Composite signals. The product includes an embedded AES audio external reference.

The MonitorScope MS9000 is compact, low power On-Screen Display (OSD) device with a built in XVGA display. It is an ideal alternative to broadcast measuring devices in production or engineering environments,especially where repetitive monitoring or measurements need to be made. Areas such as, master control, pre or post production, editing and graphics suites, remote sites and Outside Broadcast (OB) vehicles. Anywhere were baseband serial digital signals or multi-format measurement is required.

The MS9000 is a modular instrument so it is easy for the user to upgrade at any time. Optional module to show signals on a DVI/XVGA external monitor (1024 x 768 @ 60Hz digital or analog monitor, via a DVI-I socket).

The MS9000 unit is capable of HD SDI, SD SDI and composite video signals and audio in its embedded, or AES/EBU formats. There is also headphone socket for monitoring the decoded audio.