CFK 1003 - Complete Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit Using the Patented Combination Cleaning Process™

CFK 1003 Kit Contents:
• QbE® Fiber Optic Cleaning Tool
• “MX” Pens (FW-2150) to moisten QbE® for superior precision cleaning
• 2.5mm (48052F) cleanroom grade swab tools for backplane cleaning
• Precision “paddle-tip” cleanroom grade swab tool (38542F) to clean fusion splice v-grooves
• Precision non-cotton cleanroom grade swab tool (51124F) to clean fusion splice mirrors and lenses.
• Heavy Duty pre-saturated wipes (CP421) for gel removal and tool cleaning
• Strong, non-paper (6704F) Lint Free Wipes
• Complete Instructions
• Rugged Case with heavy-duty carabineer that converts the container to a mini work bench

Over the last ten years global telecommunications systems have evolved on all continents in virtually all nations. This growth appears to continue well into the future.

Existing CATV systems remain combinations of copper wire line, fiber and wireless components. Future systems will be fiber to the home or combinations of wireless and fiber or software enhanced networks far beyond DOCSIS 3.0. Commercial and consumer markets are evolving that will demand higher speeds and greater capacities.

A scientific, simple, easily explained and effective cleaning technique is required for workers at all levels. The once thought “simple process” of precision cleaning the fiber end face is essential for test and transmission. A Video Scope is no longer a luxury as “inspect-clean-inspect” becomes mandatory for every connection every time it is opened. Incorrectly cleaning the connection can significantly alter test results and the signal delivered to the end-user.

The best practice to “future proof” a fiber optic network is to initiate fundamental disciplines. One of these is a clearly defined, effective, repeatable and low-cost cleaning technique.

The Combination Cleaning Process® cleans all single soils such as dust and oils, but also those soils in combination. “Dry” methods transfer soils and can create a static field that attracts more dust contaminants. “Wet” methods can “flood” the connection making the drying process very complex if not impossible.

The Combination Cleaning Process® uses a small amount of precision solvent and automatically dries the end face as an integral part of the cleaning operation. The highly reliable, first-time cleaning of the Combination Cleaning Process® is a safety-net for protecting every connection every time.

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CFK 1003 Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit