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Cletop Cassette Cleaner Series | Product Catalog | TVC Canada


Cletop Cassette Cleaner SeriesThe Cletop connector cleaner is a rugged palm-sized cleaner that offers exceptional performance with a proven track record. The choice of many leading manufacturers and telecom carries worldwide for nearly 20 years – Cletop is a name you can rely on.

Why Clean Fiber Connectors?
• Pits and scratches are often caused by dirt
• Dust, dirt, oils, etc. are everywhere and will migrate to exposed connector end-faces
• Dirty connectors attenuate signal levels and can increase digital bit error rates
• Always clean both connectors when mating / unmating to avoid contamination transfer

Cletop Cassette Cleaner Options
• Cletop Series - Original version (proven reliability)
• Cletop –S Series - Second generation cleaner offering the same Cletop cleaning
performance with “Drop-in” replacement tape cartridge and ergonomic design that works equally well for left or right handed operators
• Type A & -SA - Designed for single 2.5mm ferrules (SC, FC, ST, & D4)
• Type B & -SB - Cleans SC, SC2, FC, ST®, DIN, D4, MU, LC, MT, MPO/MTP® without pins,
MT-RJ without pins
• Type MPO - Accepts MPO/MTP® connectors with pins
• Type MT-RJ - Accepts MT-RJ connectors with pins

• Compact and lightweight design is ideal for use in laboratories, assembly lines, or in the field
• Consistent cleaning results without IPA alcohol, which is toxic, flammable, and leaves a residue on fiber ends (white haze)
• Excellent anti-static properties for static sensitive applications and to minimize reattachment of dust to ferrule after cleaning
• Simple push button shutter operation exposes cleaning tape only when in use – minimizing unwanted dust
• Replaceable and cost effective cleaning tape
• Over 400 wipes per tape

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescription
8500-10-0020MZ Cletop S Series - SA with Blue Tape
8500-10-0029MZ Cletop S Series - SB with Blue Tape
8500-10-0016MZ Cletop S Series - SB with White Tape
8500-10-0021MZ Cletop S Series Replacement Tape Type S - Blue
8500-10-0017MZ Cletop S Series Replacement Tape Type S - White
8500-10-0027MZ Cletop Original Series Type A with Blue Tape
8500-10-0011MZ Cletop Original Series Type A with White Tape
8500-10-0028MZ Cletop Original Series Type B with Blue Tape
8500-10-0014MZ Cletop Original Series Type B with White Tape
8500-10-0032MZ Cletop Original Series for MT-RJ with pins (White Tape)
8500-10-0033MZ Cletop Original Series for MPO/MTP with pins (White Tape)
8500-10-0012MZ Cletop Original Series Replacement Tape Blue
8500-10-0015MZ Cletop Original Series Replacement Tape White