SM120 Digital Satellite Meter See the SM 120 Demonstrated on YouTube

See the SM 120 Demonstrated via QuickTime. Please note: It does take 2 minutes for the download to complete.

The SM 120 is fully automatic. Simply turn the antenna until you receive any signal, and the SM 120 will identify the satellite and display the data of the transferred transport stream into the NIT channel table.

With the automated measurement routine and the membrane protected keypad, it has the capability to show all measured values, like MER, BER, Channel Spectrum, Constellation Diagram, Transport Stream information, Audio Sound as well as live TV pictures on the display, even when operating in harsh weather conditions.

The SM 120 is designed for all world markets and can receive up to 16 satellites and store the data of up to 10,000 records.

• Spectrum Analyzer 900-2200 Mhz
• Audio AC3, AC3+, HE-AAC
• DVB-S/S2 Receiver 900-2200 Mhz ?
• LNB Voltage 14/18V, 22kHz
• Super bright 5,7” TFT color display
• DiSEqC level 1.0 / 1.1
• Automatic Satellite Identification
• DiSEqC Rotor Control level 1.2
• SCR / SCIF (UniCable)
• Up to 16 user satellites
• Link Margin
• Channel List (up to 10.000 entries)
• TV Picture (DVB-S/S2, SD, HD)
• Firmware update via USB-Stick
• MPEG2 / MPEG4 decoder
• Rechargeable Li-Poly battery

Special Features
• Constellation Diagram
• NIT Readout
• 2000 screen shots on a 1G USB-Stick
• TV Recording on USB-Stick
• TV Playback from USB-Stick

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SM 120 Digital Satellite Meter