BMP51 Label MakerThe BMP®51 Label Maker is a portable printer that can print labels up to 1.5” inches wide. It offers a large display screen, built-in labeling apps, and other features that allow you to create labels without being tethered to a computer or other device.

• 300 dpi print head and 1” per second print speed (more than 2x as fast as the IDXPERT printer!)
• Large, graphical display with backlight that has on-screen indicators for parts, remaining material, battery and more!
• Built-in label apps for fast, easy label design
• Material recognition and automatic label formatting (no calibration!)
• Durable built-in cutter that retains the label after it’s cut until you need it
• Built-in Bluetooth® or optional Wi-Fi card for wireless printing from a network
• USB PC connectivity with LabelMark™ and CodeSoft™ Software compatibility

• Durable materials that won’t fade, smear or fall off – so you only need to label something once
• 20 different materials available, so you can have the right material for your specific job
• Printer survives a 4-foot drop onto concrete, harsh environments and all kinds of temperatures

• Brady Network Card with Bluetooth® technology comes standard with printer
• Create, edit, print and save labels with an Android phone and a Brady Mobile App
• Optional Wi-Fi and/or Ethernet cards allow you to connect to a network

• Ribbon and label materials in ONE cartridge!
• Install or remove ribbon and material in one easy step
• No need to worry about having the right ribbon for your materials
• Ribbon and material runs out at the same time so you waste less
• Top-loading cartridge with “no jam” technology that easily snaps into place

BMP51 includes: BMP51 Printer, USB Cable, Hardcase, Quick Start Guide, AC Adapter/Battery Charger and Li-Ion Battery Pack, and MC-1500-595-WT-BK Label Cartridge

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescription
BMP51-KIT-ELBrady Electrical BMP51 Label Maker Starter Kit. Includes one of each: Hard case, USB cable and AC power supply, Self-laminating wire markers (M-103-427), Wrap around wire markers (M-18-498), PermaSleeveR PS heat shrink wire markers (M-187-1-342), Panel identification labels (MC-1500-595-OR-BK), 1.5h White label roll for general ID (MC-1500-595-WT-BK)
BMP51-KIT-VDBrady Voice and Data Communications BMP51 Label Maker Starter Kit. Includes one of each: Hard case, USB cable and AC power supply, Port, faceplate and general ID labels (M-30-422), Non-adhesive slide-in strips for punch blocks (MC-475-412), Rack and panel labels (MC-1000-595-YL-BK), 1.5” White label roll for general ID (MC-1500-595-WT-BK)
BMP51-KIT-GIFacility Identification BMP51 Label Maker Starter Kit. Includes one of each: Hard case, USB cable and AC power supply, 1.5” Yellow label roll with black ribbon (MC-1500-595-YL-BK), 1.5” White label roll with red ribbon (MC-1500-595-WT-RD), 1.5” Green label roll with white ribbon (MC1500-595-GN-WT), 1.5” White label roll with black ribbon (MC-1500-595-WT-BK), 2” x 1” labels for low surface energy labeling (M-20-483)
BMP51 Brady BMP51 Label Maker, Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery Pack and AC Adaptor/Battery Charger

A full line of accessories and labels are available from TVC. Please see the brochure for additional specifications.