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Now meets next

At CommScope we push the boundaries of communications technology to create the world’s most advanced networks. We design, manufacture, install and support the hardware infrastructure and software intelligence that enable our digital society to interact and thrive. Working with customers, we advance broadband, enterprise and wireless networks to power progress and create lasting connections.

Across the globe, our people and solutions are redefining connectivity, solving today’s challenges and driving the innovation that will meet the needs of what’s next.

Everywhere we go, whatever we are doing, we expect to always be on and always be connected.

This expectation has developed hand in hand with digital evolution across everything from personal communications to how we understand, participate, work, learn, and live. The network is an indispensable utility, and our on-demand, always-connected society will continue to fuel exponential growth into the future.

Networks are under constant pressure to evolve alongside new technologies and growing demand while remaining flexible and adaptable for future expansion and optimization. CommScope is anticipating what's next—focusing on the key technologies that empower and enrich our connected society. Let's dive into the challenges in creating universal connectivity and the solutions we create to bridge the digital divide.

CommScope’s network infrastructure solutions are built to make your network simpler to deploy and manage, improve its reliability, and give it the adaptability to evolve as user demand requires.

Our comprehensive solutions portfolios cover every connection and cable, from copper and fiber structured cabling to IoT access networks; from unified Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi 6E and switching to intelligent automated infrastructure management; and from 5G-ready distributed antenna systems to small cells.

Why CommScope?

Reliability and security

With 40 years of networking experience—including structured cabling, wired and wireless access—CommScope builds IT and OT networks that ensure stable, secure, uninterrupted connections for your people and things.

Simple and efficient

CommScope simplifies network complexity by minimizing network silos, consolidating wired and wireless infrastructure, automating network monitoring and providing a single source for managing your entire physical layer.

Innovative design

CommScope is well known for pushing the boundaries of technology. Our Wi-Fi access points are the industry’s most efficient, and our converged LAN-WLAN management solutions, the most robust. Along with our portfolio of low-latency, non-blocking switches, they reflect our vision for the future.

Improving bandwidth, speed and access in every location

Urbanization, data-hungry digital applications, and the addition of millions of new users into the network: all these factors play a critical role in fueling the demand for a stronger, more reliable, and secure network. This demand will only continue to grow–with the number of connected devices and the associated traffic implications projected to skyrocket as our society becomes fully integrated with the digital ecosystem.

To address these needs, we need to develop infrastructure solutions that solve for the needs of today while anticipating the demands of tomorrow. It takes an end-to-end approach, transforming every aspect of the network, from the core to the edge—with both wired and wireless connections.

CommScope continues to work with customers to pioneer network technology that is adaptable for the future and exceeds consumers' insatiable demand for connectivity.

Connectivity has never been so important to businesses, at a time when future networking demands are set to far exceed those of today. That is why CommScope has set out the four steps you need to take to build a robust and scalable networking system.

Increase capacity with high-performance infrastructure.

We regularly deploy networks with 30% fewer APs than our competitors specify. Ruckus technology means you can spend less time managing the network and more time on projects that are strategic to the business. Multi-gigabit switches enable next-generation wireless performance.

Remove complexity with converged management. 

With a single pain of glass view you achieve greater visibility across the whole network, whilst reducing complexity. You can troubleshoot faster and reduce costs with a seamless converged management layer.

Make your investment count with futureproof scalable switching.

Protect your investment with a scalable, pay-as-you-grow modular switching network that can expand to meet your business’ requirements. Benefit from conserving CAPEX and OPEX as you grow your network.

Reduce total cost of ownership and support digitalized business models.

Deliver the power and performance your applications require, at a cost your business demands. Superior technology reduces total cost of ownership while supporting new digital services.

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