Antronix 1-GHz Horizontal Digital Splitters

Reliability, quality, and performance define the Antronix CMC2000-A series digital splitter. The horizontal digital splitters have been designed specifically for today’s two-way broadband networks. Low intermodulation distortion and 40 dB port-to-port return band isolation prevent high power cable modem signals from distorting neighboring port signals. Capacitively coupled F-ports block AC surges and prevent hum modulation.

Antronix 1-GHz Horizontal Digital Splitters Features

  • 6 kV ring wave surge protected
  • Digital broadcast and HDTV ready
  • Flat 1002 MHz bandwidth with minimal insertion loss
  • SCTE compliant F-ports with 1-inch port spacing
Additionally, digital splitters are among the most robust in the industry. Every port on each CMC2000-A series splitter is 6 kV ring wave surge protected, while the proprietary ferrites remain ultra-linear following several surges. The splitter ports are SCTE compliant with 1-inch spacing. The CMC2000-A series digital splitters employ high “Q” surface mount technology (SMT) components, guaranteeing consistent performance over time and temperature.

Antronix Horizontal Splitters Specifications

  • Corrosion Resistance: Meets SCTE/ANSI Specification
  • F-Connector Type: SCTE Compliant ECT F-Port
  • Nominal Impedance: 75 Ω
  • Operating Temperature: -40 ºC to 60 ºC
  • Pressure Seal: 15 psi
  • RFI Minimum: 120 dB
  • Second Harmonic: -45 dBmV after 6 kV Ring Wave Surge with a +55 dBmV Return Input Carrier
  • Style: Horizontal
  • Surge Protection: 6 kV Ring Wave Surge, IEEE C62.41 Cat. A3
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