Antronix FRA Series of Active Forward and Return Drop Amplifiers

Antronix’s Forward and Return Residential Amplifier (FRA) Series provides both forward and return path amplification. The FRA was designed for applications such as cable modems and two-way set-top boxes.

The FRA is the first forward and return amplifier to utilize the patented auto-seizing CamPort©. This SCTE compliant F-port provides maximum contact area and reliability for multimedia applications.

With the capability to endure multiple high power surges, the FRA can operate in the harshest environments. The lightweight powder coated AL 360 housing provides superior corrosion resistance for quality performance and long life.

  • Provides signal amplification in both the forward (54-1002 MHz) and return (5-42 MHz) paths.
  • CamPort® Auto-Seizing F-Port
  • Weather Sealed Housing with RFI Gasket
  • Powder Coated AL 360 Aluminum Housing
  • Ideal for 2-way Digital and Multimedia Applications
  • 6 kV Surge Withstand on all Ports
  • Local or Remote Powering
  • 18 VDC UL Listed Wall Adapter

Ordering Information

TVC Part #Manufacturer Part #DescriptionCase PackInner Pack
FRA11510ACFRA1-1510/AC Amplifier, 1 Output, 14.5 dB Forward & 10 dB Return Gain, w/ 120VAC Power Supply 4010
FRA80400ACFRA8-0400/ACAmplifier, 8 Output, 4.5 dB Forward & 0 dB Return Gain, w/ 120VAC Power Supply4010
FRA80400ACPFRA8-0400/ACPAmplifier, 8 Output, 4.5 dB Forward & 0 dB Return Gain, w/ 120VAC PS & Power Inserter 4010
ARPI2000ARPI-2000Power Inserter for Remote Powering of Drop Amplifiers 5025