Antronix MRA Series of MicroAmps

The Antronix MicroAmp provides subscriber premise amplification in a small convenient package. The one output micro-housing allows all ports of the amplifier to be facing down to simplify coaxial cable wiring in NID enclosures or small spaces.

The patented CamPort® provides the only auto-seizing F-port for maximum contact area and reliability for multimedia applications.

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, the MRA was engineered to withstand the harshest environmental threats with the capability of enduring repeated high power surges.

  • Micro-Housing
  • 6 kV Combination Wave Surge Protection
  • Gallium Arsenide Technology for Low Distortion
  • 5-42/52-1000 MHz Diplex Filter
  • Nickel Plated Housing

Ordering Information

TVC Part #Manufacturer Part #DescriptionCase PackInner Pack
MRA115ACMRA1-15/ACAmplifier, 1 Output, 14.5 dB Forward Gain, with 120VAC Power Supply 4010
MRA211ACMRA2-11/ACAmplifier, 2 Output, 11.5 dB Forward Gain, with 120VAC Power Supply 4010
MRA48ACMRA4-8/ACAmplifier, 4 Output, 7.5 dB Forward Gain, with 120VAC Power Supply4010
ARPI2000ARPI-2000Power Inserter for Remote Powering of Drop Amplifiers5025