Antronix 1-GHz Vertical Digital Splitter

Reliability, quality, and performance define the Antronix CMC2000 series digital splitter. The vertical digital splitters have been designed specifically for today’s two-way broadband networks. The digital splitters are among the most robust in the industry. Every port on each CMC2000 series splitter is 6 kV ring wave surge protected, while our proprietary ferrites remain ultra-linear following several surges. 

Antronix 1-GHz Vertical Digital Splitter Features

  • All ports are protected against multiple 6 kV ring wave surges per IEEE specification C62.41 Category A3
  • Compatible with existing and future networks
  • Supports present and future multimedia applications including video, data, and telephony
  • Excellent return path performance compatible with two-way digitally modulated networks
  • Ensures repeatable 120 dB RFI shielding
  • Prevents water migration into the splitter and ensures an excellent ground connection
The CMC2000 series digital splitters employ high “Q” surface mount technology (SMT) components, guaranteeing consistent performance over time and temperature.

Antronix Vertical Digital Splitter Specifications

  • Capacitively Coupled: 1 GHz
  • Corrosion Resistance: Meets SCTE/ANSI Specification
  • F-Connector Torque Specs: 30 in. lbs.
  • F-Connector Type: ANSI/SCTE-01 (formerly SCTE IPS-SP-400) Compliant ECT F-Port
  • Nominal Impedance: 75 Ω
  • Operating Temperature: -40 ºC to 60 ºC
  • Pressure Seal: 15 psi
  • Second Harmonic: -45 dBmV after Five 6 kV Ring Wave Surge with a +55 dBmV Return Input Carrier
  • Style: Vertical
  • Surge Withstand: 6 kV Ring Wave Surge per IEEE C62.41 Category A3
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