Nokia Optical Line Terminal (OLT)

Optical Line Terminals (OLT) for any sized network or deployment scenario

Nokia offers a full line of OLTs in many sizes and form factors suited to any type of deployment. High-density fiber platforms for large centralized deployments, smaller form factors for distributed deployments, sealed fiber remote OLTs for outdoor deployments and more.

Built on Nokia’s own Quillion chipset, our OLTs will efficiently deliver uncompromised performance, scalability, flexibility, and SDN programmability to meet the Gigabit bandwidth demands of residential and business users.


Get ready for the future of fiber broadband

Fiber broadband is already the foundation of the connected world. But in the near future, every single device and every single user will depend on fiber to stay connected.

That means building an FTTH network needs long-term thinking: a network that meets your business requirements today, but can efficiently evolve with growing customer demand.

Nokia fiber broadband solutions already deliver three generations of PON technology on the same hardware. Start with Gigabit GPON and know that you can easily boost network capacity by a factor of 4 or even 10 with XGS-PON or 25G PON. With Nokia’s future-proof platform you can capitalize on opportunities whenever and wherever you’re ready while protecting your network investment for decades to come.

Nokia delivers ultra-broadband faster and at the right cost

Ultra-broadband enhances the lives of everyone it reaches. With our extensive portfolio of fixed network services and solutions, you can bring ultra-broadband services to more people, more quickly, at the right cost for your business.