OFS Pluggable Drop Cable

The FOX Solution™ for Cell Sites (CS) pluggable drop cable is a factory connectorized assembly featuring AccuDRY® Indoor/Outdoor Cables with SC or LC connectors mounted on one or both ends.

Available with 4, 6, 8 and 12 fibers, these assemblies are factory terminated to help ensure high quality and reliability with low insertion loss, while providing easy field termination that can speed up deployment and lower installation costs.

The assemblies are designed for quick deployment in conduits, and plug and play into the cell site equipment. They are shipped with a pulling eye, and factory-mounted and tested low-loss connectors. The pulling eye on the outside end provides a means of rapidly installing the cable while protecting the connectors and enabling a pulling force of up to 100 lbs.

The FOX Solution CS pluggable drop cable features bend-optimized AllWave® FLEX ZWP Fiber in the AccuDRY Cables. AllWave FLEX ZWP Fiber provides improved performance in tight installations and low installed loss over the full range of wavelengths. The AccuDRY Indoor/Outdoor Cable can transition from outdoors into hubs, cabinets and pedestal applications, and is riser-rated to be run through buildings if necessary.


  • About 1 hour savings through plug and play by eliminating 4 fusion splices
  • Faster, more reliable pull through longer conduit using innovative pulling sock
  • Standard connectors protected and pluggable in standard Ethernet equipment
  • Smaller storage/lower loss due to AllWave FLEX Fiber inside flexible cable