OFS XpressTube® LXE Cable

The OFS XpressTube® LXE Fiber Optic Cable contains up to 144 fibers in twelve, highly flexible XpressTube units.

Each XpressTube unit consists of a unique jacket that surrounds 12 fibers and a ripcord. Fiber counts range from 24 to 144 fibers contained in two to twelve XpressTube units. Dielectric and metallic sheath options with integrated strength members and a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) jacket are available.

Additional Features & Benefits:

  • · Small outside cable diameter for easy installation
  • · Minimal filling compound for less cleaning effort
  • · Kink resistant XpressTube units reduce bend related problems
  • · Highly flexible XpressTube units offer excellent fiber organization and more efficient storage in closures and other termination points
  • · Metallic and dielectric sheath options to support direct-buried, duct, and lashed aerial installations
  • · Available with all OFS fiber types, including AllWave® and TrueWave® fibers