OptiSheath® MultiPort Splitter Terminals

The OptiSheath® MultiPort Splitter Terminal is designed for use in outside plant fiber access networks. This innovative terminal provides fast, easy subscriber connections and splitter functionality in one low-profile housing.

By enabling incremental subscriber connections, costs are deferred to better match revenue streams. Splitter functionality reduces the distribution cable fiber count requirement, lowering initial cost. 

The OptiSheath MultiPort Splitter Terminal is available in these configurations: 4-port (1x4 splitter) with expansion port, 4-port (1x4 splitter) and 8-port (1x8 splitter).

Terminals stubbed with the OptiTip® Multifiber Connector work with the FlexNAP™ Terminal Distribution System, improving design flexibility. Terminals with non-connectorized stubs may be consolidated and spliced at a splice enclosure. The ability to route several stubs to one location increases efficiency and reduces overall installation time required to connect customers in FTTx networks.

Additional Features 

  • OptiTap® Single-fiber Connector ports for customer drop terminations
  • OptiTip® Multifiber Connector ports integrate with FlexNAP™ System
  • Available with preterminated or non-connectorized stubs
  • Available with 1x4 or 1x8 splitter
  • Available with expansion port
  • Factory installed and tested connectors