Fiberglass Conduit (Standard Wall) MultiCell

For aerial and underground installations. Available in standard or bullet-resistant.

See PDF for Accessories and Bends.

Outside Conduit Diameter: ... 4.140’’

Outside Bell Diameter: ... 4.350’’

Longitudinal Tensile Strength: ... 9000 PSI Minimum Per ASTM D2105

Assembled Weight: ... 1.75 Lbs. Per Ft.

Stiffness: ... 40 lbf (in:in) Min. Per ASTM D2412 and NEMA TC-14

Impact Resistance: ... 50 Ft. Lbs. Min. Per ASTM D2444 and NEMA TC-14

Heat Distortion Temperature: ... 215 Degrees F. Min.


Ordering Information

Part NumberNo. of Inner DuctsDescriptionPSI Rating (each)Max I.D. (in)Max Wall Thickness (in)
MCF 444MultiCell 44 Fiberglass2001.194.063
MCF 433MultiCell 43 Fiberglass2001.507.079

NOTE: Standard Length of MultiCell 43 and 44 Fiberglass Conduit is 20 Feet. For “Bullet-Resistant” Fiberglass Conduit add a “BR” suffix to the part number.