Steel Pipe Expansion Fittings

To allow for expansion and contraction in a run of rigid metal conduit. For rigid metal conduit only. For applications involving IMC a 15’’ min. length of rigid conduit should be used entering the expansion fitting due to the slightly smaller O.D. of the IMC. Type AX provides for a maximum of 4’’ conduit movement (2’’ in either direction). Type AX8 provides for a maximum of 8’’ conduit movement (4’’ in either direction).

These Type AX and Type AX8 Expansion Fittings have been listed by Underwriters’ Laboratories, Inc. for use without bonding jumpers in indoor locations and with external bonding jumpers in outdoor locations.

Type AX

Weatherproof with internal bonding assembly. Provides 4’’ conduit movement.

Type AX8

Weatherproof with internal bonding assembly. Provides 8’’ conduit movement.

Additional Features:

  • Includes insulating bushing
  • Bonding Jumpers
  • Standard Material: Malleable Iron
  • Optional Material: Available in Aluminum
  • Standard Finish: Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Standard Sizes: 1/2’’ thru 5’’
  • Third Party Certification: UL File No. E-11853 SA Certified File No. 11584 (when used with external Type BJ Bonding Jumper)

See PDF for additional ordering information.

Ordering Information

Part NumberTrade Size In. A Max Dia (in)B Max Dia (in)Wt Per 100Ctn. Std Pkg.
AX-100 1 2-5/86-5/8280210
AX-150 1-1/23-1/26-5/8 500210
AX-3503-1/268-1/21450- 4
AX8-50 1/22 10-1/4270-10
AX8-2002 4 11-1/81030 -2
AX8-400 4 6-5/812-3/82400-1
AX-753/4 26-3/8200525
AX-200247-1/8 70015
AX-4004 6-5/88-5/8 1850-4
AX8-125 1-1/4 3-1/810-5/8520-5
AX8-300 35-3/812-1/81550-2
AX-30035-3/88-1/81100- 4
AX-5005 89-1/22550 - 2
AX8-150 1-1/2 3-1/210-5/8720-5
AX8-350 3-1/2612-1/41950-1
AX-501/226-1/4170 525
AX-250 2-1/24-1/27-1/280015
AX8-75 3/42-1/4 10-3/8320-10
AX8-500 5 8 13-1/23300-1