Banding & Banding Tools


Type 201 stainless steel has superior yield and tensile strength properties to provide maximum clamping strength. All Band sizes feature fully rounded smooth edges for safety and easy installation. For clamps of even greater strength, use a double wrap, threading the Marathon Buckle each time around.

Banding Tool

A drop forged tool used to apply bands and buckles and features tensioning capability of over 2,400 lbs. and a built-in cutter.

  • Spring loaded gripper lever for improved band tensioning
  • Friction held cutoff lever with plastic grip for easier operation
  • Permanent lubrication on the tension screw to extend tool life and speed clamping
  • Zinc plated black chromate finish to provide superior corrosion resistance
  • Spin handle retaining ring to keep parts intact. 

Made in the USA. 

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescriptionUMStd Pkg QtyPkg Wt (lbs)
MAR402 Heavy Duty Banding Tool EA14.3
MAR204 1/2” Type 201 SS Band Roll100’/Roll5.1
MAR205 5/8” Type 201 SS Band Roll 100’/Roll 6.4
MAR206 3/4” Type 201 SS Band Roll 100’/Roll 7.7
MAR404 1/2” Type 316 SS Band Roll100’/Roll5.1
MAR432 1-1/4” Type 201 Heavy Duty SS Band Roll 100’/Roll 17.2
MAR430 3/4” Type 201 Heavy Duty SS Band Roll 100’/Roll 11.6
MAR001 1/4”-3/4” Banding Tool EA14.3
MAR405 5/8” Type 316 SS Band Roll100’/Roll6.4
MAR203 3/8” Type 201 SS Band Roll100’/Roll 3.2
MAR431 1” Type 201 Heavy Duty SS Band Roll 100’/Roll 13.7