Self-Supporting MaxCell

Self-Supporting MaxCell is a flexible fabric pathway system designed specifically for transporting cables efficiently in data centers, drop ceilings, and areas that require adaptable reconfigurations.

The integrated support structure and multiple pathways reduce the steps required to place cables, minimizing time for installation.


  • Plenum-rated MaxCell
  • Configured with 3 cells to support network flexibility and growth
  • Pre-installed galvanized support wire for strength and flexibility
  • Pre-installed color-coded pulling tapes speeds cable installation
  • Works with support systems from an extensive group of manufacturers


  • Installs the same as a standard wire
  • Install bundles of 24 CAT 6 cables without Velcro™ or cable ties
  • Up to 72+ cables in one MaxCell pack
  • Reduces cable install by up to 30% compared to cable tray
  • Reduces cable damage and installation re-work