HFR Networks flexiHaul Packet M-Series TSN Switch

HFR Networks’ M-Series TSN Solutions: CPRI, eCPRI and Ethernet Multiplexing for xHaul

The M6424 platform, HFR Networks’ flexiHaul packet solution, is a cost-effective, scalable, high capacity TSN switch that delivers superior economics and enables the ability to combine RAN transport with other traffic types such as Ethernet business services on a common infrastructure. Purpose built for time sensitive networks, the M6424’s state-of-the-art, high performance design enables advanced mobile networking architectures and applications with nanosecond timing requirements. The M6424 connects radios with nanosecond timing using Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI) and eCPRI to bridge traditional mobile networks and Ethernet services, supporting modern centralized or cloud-based architectures. Encapsulating CPRI traffic, the M6424 utilizes IEEE 1914.3 compliant Radio over Ethernet mappers with integrated synchronization to provide higher performance, simplified operations and significant cost savings.

xWave 400G for 5G Transport: Optimize Fiber Assets to Deliver Operational Flexibility With “Pay-as-You-Grow” Economics

HFR Networks engineered xWave to empower operators with valuable performance advantages, and cost control for capacity deployments and upgrades scaled over time.  Powered by the M6424 platform, xWave solutions enable multichannel WDM capabilities over existing fiber.  xWave delivers a high performance, cost-effective alternative to laying additional fiber infrastructure combined with the flexibility to scale capacity in increments of 100G as needed.

Ordering Information

M-Series (M6424) Part NumbersDescription
- System - 
M6424CHS00000-0M6424,ROE Switch,1RU,100G 4ports,25G 24ports
- Components - Power Supplies - 
- Components - Fan Unit - 
M6000FAU00000-0M6000,FAN Unit
- Software RTU -  
M6424SWRTU000-0M6424,RTU for SW
M0000EMRTU000-0M-Series,RTU for Network Mgt sw(EMS/SDN)
- Optics - 
- xWave - 
HOS00D20IW001-0O-WDM, QSFP28, 100G, 20km ,I-temp, W0
HOS00D20IW002-0O-WDM, QSFP28, 100G, 20km ,I-temp, W1
HOS00D20IW003-0O-WDM, QSFP28, 100G, 20km ,I-temp, W2
HOS00D20IW004-0O-WDM, QSFP28, 100G, 20km ,I-temp, W3
HOS00D20IW005-0O-WDM, QSFP28, 100G, 20km ,I-temp, W4
HOS00D20IW006-0O-WDM, QSFP28, 100G, 20km ,I-temp, W5
HOS00D20IW007-0O-WDM, QSFP28, 100G, 20km ,I-temp, W6
HOS00D20IW008-0O-WDM, QSFP28, 100G, 20km ,I-temp, W7
M1000MXFB001F-0M1000, BiDi, O-WDM Mux, TFF, 8WL(W1 to W8)
M1000MXFB001R-0M1000, BiDi, O-WDM Mux, TFF, 8WL(W8 to W1)
- xWave Enclosures -  
M1008CHS00000-0M1008 Passive Shelf 1RU 8 slots
M1008FP010000-0Filler panel, 1/8
M1008FP020000-0Filler panel, 1/4