PPC Broadband, Inc., a Belden brand, a once privately-held company, has been a leading manufacturer and developer of connectivity solutions for the broadband service provider market for over 70 years. With more patents in connector technology than any other company worldwide, PPC has pioneered many of the advancements available in the broadband space. Additionally, PPC has proved itself time and again as a leader in the design and manufacture of connector and related technology for the telecommunications and satellite industries around the globe. LEARN MORE.

Drop Connectors Drop Connectors

PPC is the global leader in drop connector design, manufacture, quality and support. PPC is always at the forefront of connector innovation developing products that provide real and measurable positive impact to your network performance and reliability. This same level of quality and performance is provided in various premade bulk field coax jumpers and installation kits.

Coax Cables Coax Cable

Perfect Flex™ Broadband Coaxial Cable is backed by the same quality and innovation you’ve come to know and expect from every PPC product. We’ve incorporated our extensive knowledge of the cable industry into a cost-effective coaxial cable product line offering superior performance, unmatched quality assurance practices, and environmentally friendly features.

Hardline Connectors Hardline Connectors

PPC & LRC Hardline connectors are renowned for their quality, performance, reliability and ease of installation. They are designed to handle the challenges of todays digital cable networks including: high speed data, telephony and performance beyond 1GHz. PPC & LRC hardline connectors are designed for all major CATV cable manufacturers.

AVS Pro AV & Security

PPC provides complete connectivity solutions for the AV & Security markets. Our connectors, coupled with drop cable and ancillary products are all designed specifically to maximize signal integrity and ensure quality while providing customers with unparalleled end-to-end performance.

Traps Filters Traps & Filters

As the acknowledged technology leader in the CATV Traps and Filters marketplace, PPC offers more than 1,000 types of PPC Traps and Filters that are in use worldwide, providing critical path service in the most technologically advanced cable systems in the world. Our talented and dedicated engineers have revolutionized the industry’s approach to design and construction in response to our customers’ need for smaller, more efficient packaging.

Entry Entry Series

Designed to protect the multiple service customer, this simple yet revolutionary product offers a number of distinct features to improve the integrity of the drop. By combining an entire drop installation into one compact housing, the Entry Series not only cuts installation time in half it drastically reduces the number of potential failure points.

Traps Filters Telco

PPC offers a full line of Kold-N-Klose and Flexshell telco splice closures for buried and aerial applications. Splice closures are available for splicing 25 pair to 3600 pair cable. We also offer 709 splice connectors. 709’s are in-line IDC splice connectors that provide pair at a time splicing.

For more info on PPC’s products visit www.ppc-online.com.