CommScope FiberGuide® Cable Management and Raceway Solution

FiberGuide®, is the optical raceway system that revolutionized the protection and routing of fiber. The preferred choice in central offices, data centers and mobile switching centers, FiberGuide offers increased flexibility and reduced installation time while maintaining the proper fiber bend radius. FiberGuide can be easily customized and designed for your facility’s unique needs with the assistance of the most extensive suite of tools and support in the market.

FiberGuide systems feature a variety of products that allow for quick and easy installation. Express Exit™ drops as well as tool-less products, including Snap-Fit junctions, snap-on covers and new hinged cover options, save valuable time for installers.

  • The Express Exit System enables new drops to be added or removed quickly and easily. A drop can be added into a fully loaded raceway in seconds—without cutting.
  • FiberGuide features 38 support structures, over 75 fittings, multiple drop options and several other components to suit any application you create.
  • Two-inch (50 mm) minimum bend radius is maintained throughout the system regardless of the raceway size.
  • 100 percent raceway reliability stands up to any challenge.