Bashlin Leather Pole StrapBashlin’s popular long wearing leather strap has a nylon insert. This strap stays soft and pliable year round. For longer wear, the stitching is deeply embedded in the leather.

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescriptionWeight (lbs)
No. 51N-2HL 50 Series Nylon Straps5'6" Strap 3.75 lb
No. 52N-2HL 50 Series Nylon Straps6' Strap 3.75 lb
No. 54N-2HL 50 Series Nylon Straps7' Strap4 lb
No. 78B-2HL 78 Series Leather / Nylon Straps6'6" Strap5 lb
No. 78X-2HL 78 Series Leather / Nylon Straps5'6" Strap4.25 lb
No. 78C-2HL 78 Series Leather / Nylon Straps7' Strap5 lb
No. 78A-2HL 78 Series Leather / Nylon Straps6' Strap 4.25 lb
No. 53N-2HL 50 Series Nylon Straps6'6" Strap4 lb