COMPACT STAND™  C-902Model C-902 uses our state-of-the-art adjustable, wind-deflecting Fiberglass Leaf-SpringTM. This patented deflection system allows mast and sign to deflect when hit by the force of wind, and is stable in wind gusts up to 70 mph with a 36" C-SignTM and up to 60 mph with a 48" C-SignTM. The C-902 adjusts for height and flex without the use of tools. Order C-SignTM and three flags separately or as C-Stand Warning KitTM.

Material: Aluminum Legs, Steel Mast, and Fiberglass Leaf-Spring TM
Folded: 8"W x 7-3/4"D x 25"H
Open: 28"W x 50-1/2"D x 26"H
Extended: 42"W x 73"D x 26-1/2"H (Low leg setting, without sign)
Extended: 39"W x 70"D x 36"H (High leg setting, without sign)
Weight: 19 lbs.

Sign Display
Types: Roll-Up C-SignsTM only
Sizes: 30" x 30", 48" x 48"

Cat.No. C-1902-C/48-RR C-Stand Warning KitTM includes No. C-902 stand, 48" Roll-Up Reflexite C-SignTM with 3-flag-holder & storage case (specify legend), and three 18" x 18" No. FROV-118/24 fluorescent warning flags.