GMP Duct Rodders

GMP Continuous Duct Rodders are now available in either standard core or detectable copper core.

GMP produces high performing and durable duct rodders - decades of in-field use have proven this high visibility orange rod material to have the ideal combination of the mechanical properties of tensile strength, modulus, stiffness and bending behavior.

GMP Duct Rodders are light weight, durable and corrosion resistant. They are coated with a tough UV stabilized safety orange Polypropylene and are not affected by water.

They will not soften or lose tensile strength in hot weather, nor become brittle under cold conditions.

Each Duct Rodder Frame assists the payout/pay-in of the rod material by using an eyebolt with a nylon bushing. The bushing is designed to protect the duct rod from abrasion and premature wear.

The 1/4 inch rodder is rated for 500 lbs. pulling capacity, the 3/8 is rated for 1400 lbs., and the 1/2" has a 1800 lb. rating.

Available in standard or toneable rod.

Note: Duct Rodders are made to order. Verify length and diameter when ordering. Due to custom nature of every Duct Rodder order, all orders are non-returnable. Custom sizes available.

Ordering Information

Standard Rod Part #Toneable Rod Part #Duct Rodder SizeWeight
89202N/A1/4" x 100'13 lbs.
89204N/A1/4" x 200'15 lbs.
89206N/A1/4" x 300'17 lbs.
89208N/A1/4" x 400'19 lbs.
89210N/A1/4" x 500'21 lbs.
89222882223/8" x 200'63 lbs.
89224882243/8" x 300'69 lbs.
89226882263/8" x 400'76 lbs.
89228882283/8" x 500'82 lbs.
89230882303/8" x 600'89 lbs.
89232882323/8" x 700'95 lbs.
89234882343/8" x 800'101 lbs.
89236882363/8" x 900'108 lbs.
89238882383/8" x 1,000'114 lbs.
89252882521/2" x 200'87 lbs.
89254882541/2" x 300'98 lbs.
89256882561/2" x 400'109 lbs.
89258882581/2" x 500'120 lbs.
89260882601/2" x 600'132 lbs.
89262882621/2" x 700'143 lbs.
89264882641/2" x 800'154 lbs.
89266882661/2" x 900'165 lbs.
89268882681/2" x 1,000'177 lbs.
89270882701/2" x 1,100'188 lbs.
89272882721/2" x 1,200'199 lbs.