Fusible PVC Schedule 40 Electrical ConduitCANTEX and Underground Solutions have teamed up to offer you the strongest fusible PVC Schedule 40 Electrical Conduit on the market. Fusible PVC™ is used for directional drilling/boring and direct burial. Our proprietary PVC formulation, patented fusion process, certification program and installation experience ensures the success of every job.

• Not limited to bores of 1000 feet or less
• Available in 3”, 4” and 6” Sch. 40 Conduit in 20’ lengths
• No length lost during installation
• Greater pull force rating than HDPE
• Greater pull force rating than other PVC systems
• Easier to install than HDPE pipe - no reels, no wasted pipe
• Will not flatten or collapse
• No gaskets or additional parts are required for a fast, water tight installation
• Interfaces with standard Schedule 40 fittings
• Specially designed fusible bells provide a smooth, unobstructed path for
wires or cables

The Fusion Process
Fusion is performed by CANTEX technicians and/or licensed and trained contractors. The patented fusion process consists of the following steps:
1. Pipe ends are precisely aligned.
2. The fusion machine’s dual cutting head faces and squares both ends of the PVC pipe simultaneously.
3. An electronically controlled heating element (pre-heated in preparation for fusion) is positioned, the ends of the pipe are moved into place and a bead of fusible material is formed as the pipe heats.
4. After the pipe ends have been heated, the heat plate is removed, the pipe ends are brought together and held under pressure until the newly-formed joint cools.
5. A Data Logger is used to verify proper facing and fusion.
6. The fusion process creates an external and internal bead on the pipe joint.
All fusion times are comparable to other thermoplastic materials. All joints are fully restrained and testing demonstrates that the tensile strength of the fused joint equals the tensile strength of the pipe.

Schedule 40
Conduit meets requirements of NEMA TC2
Manufactured to UL 651 standards
Interfaces with standard Schedule 40 fittings

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