MediaServer FMS 2500SeaChange® International continues to deliver industry-leading flash memory-based streamers designed to drastically reduce the operational costs for on-demand service providers deploying CDN environments. With large capacity flash memory and higher density streaming and ingest, the SeaChange MediaServer FMS 2500 is designed to eliminate spinning hard disk drives from the edge of an operator’s CDN infrastructure. The FMS family of products is the first in the industry that completely decouples streaming from disk storage, enabling a new level of configuration flexibility, reliability and scalability for operators moving to a centralized CDN architecture.

Reduced operational costs – For operators, SeaChange reduces the OPEX and CAPEX costs associated with traditional disk failures. Disk replacement and rebuilds, together with the high power consumption, thermal dissipation, space requirement, and noise of traditional disks, make flash technology an easy choice. Compared to spinning hard disk drives, flash memory:
- has no moving parts
- is 100 times more reliable
- requires 1/10th the power to operate

In the 1990’s SeaChange revolutionized the industry with MediaCluster® technology. Since then, SeaChange has adapted this technology to on-demand and solid-state drive applications — striping data across all the disks in a server and across all the servers (nodes) in a cluster. By striping data across all the flash modules and all the servers, MediaCluster guarantees fault resilience in the case of flash module failure, or complete server failure or service downtime. It also eliminates the expensive option of mirrored or backup servers. Combining flash memory with SeaChange’s patented and widely deployed MediaCluster technology and NGOD, the FMS 2500 is the most reliable and interoperable video server in the market today.

High density and scalability – The FMS 2500 comes in a compact 2RU package, capable of streaming at 9.375Gbps (2,500 SD MPEG-2 streams) and storing up to 2,640 hours of SD MPEG-2 content. A 6-node FMS2500 cluster is capable of streaming 15,000 SD streams and storing up to 13,200 hours of SD MPEG-2 content.

Integrated solution – The FMS 2500 is fully compatible with SeaChange’s widely-deployed video servers as well as SeaChange Axiom® On Demand software.

NGOD compliant – The FMS 2500 supports NGOD, offering open interfaces to any NGOD compliant CDN or back office solution.