Surface Raceway

Tyton Surface Raceway is a one-piece latching duct designed to contain, route and protect wire and cable when it is not feasible to run it within the wall.

The Surface Raceway features a special flexible hinge which allows numerous openings without creating discoloration or stress cracking. The self-locking, hidden positive latch allows for quick re-entry as well as secure installation of wire and cable.

Tyton Surface Raceway is manufactured from 94V-0 PVC and the fittings are manufactured from 94V-0 ABS. The raceway features a large base for greater adhesive surface. The adhesive used is a 3M acrylic pressure sensitive foam tape with high ultimate bond strength, which conforms to any surface. It is a 1/16" thick, double-coated urethane foam tape which features good high temperature and solvent resistance.

Available in three sizes, 3/4", 1-1/4", and 1-3/4", Tyton Surface Raceway offers a full range of fittings and accessories. Tyton’s Surface Raceway features an aesthetic, low profile design, which blends into any environment. It is easy to cut and trim and is also paintable with a latex-based paint to fit any home or office decor.

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