Omnistar GX2-RX200BX4Quad Return Path Receiver

Capturing 64 separate optical return path signals in as 4 RU space is possible with OmniStar GX2 Quad Return Path Receiver

With four independent receivers in the module, the OmniStar GX2-RX200BX4 return path receiver module provides a high-density solution for advanced upstream video and data traffic. The increased optical input power range relative to the RX200BX2 can accommodate today’s evolving networks with varying link budgets. An integrated low-noise preamplifier and high-performance post-amplifier offers high RF output level and exceptional distortion performance. The GX2-RX200BX4 receiver continues the GX2 tradition of module level intelligence. The hot-swappable modules with unique embedded features, like Quick-Swap Module Configuration, maximize in-service time by eliminating the need for manual configuration. This receiver, coupled with the full complement of other Omni-Star GX2 application modules, provides extreme flexibility for network design and fiber link optimization.


High Module Density
• Up to 16 quad receiver modules in a four rack-unit housing, allowing up to 64 independent optical return path signals

• Supports path redundancy through secondary output muting, eliminating the need for an RF switch

High Performance
• An integrated low-noise pre-amp and high-performance post amp allows a high RF output level and exceptional distortion performance

Quick-Swap Capability
• Replacement modules are recognized and updated with settings pre-*stored by the Control Module

• A wide optical input range from -18 to +2 dBm accommodates various systems architectures

User Friendly
• An RF test point and three gain modes simplify link optimization. Plug-n-Play application module with blind-mate RF connectors in the rear