ADSS Opti-LoopThe Opti-Loop® offers the only patented process for storing ALL DIELECTRIC SELF
SUPPORT (ADSS) fiber and is approved and recommended by all ADSS fiber
cable manufacturers. There are two new models of ADSS “Direct Attach” units for
ADSS cable up to 0.9” OD.

*Extremely lightweight and compact to minimize stress and ice loading, a major concern in areas where icing can occur.
*Aesthetically neat and pleasant - All reserve cable and splice closures are safely and neatly stored aerially.
*Approved for use in both the communication and supply regions of the pole.
*Can be used with wood, steel, or concrete poles.
*Figure “8” storage pattern prevents twists in the fiber sheath when stored cable is retrieved for use.
*No limit on amount of cable that can be stored.
*All Opti-Loop® ADSS systems come with all the necessary hardware and include the patented pole protection bracket that protects the fiber cable where it passes the pole.
*The new “Direct Attach” units were designed to be a cost effective, economically priced, extremely installation friendly system. Pre-assembly is less than one minute (4 screws) per pair. The units are then just “hung” on the main run until exact placement is determined and then attached to the fiber using Long Life *DYMETEC® Tie Straps. There is no cumbersome assembly around the fiber required.

*Utilizes self-aligning “Direct Attach” mounting brackets.
*Requires only one tool for installation.
*No “fishing” tie wraps through holes or slots.
*The cut away channel creates a smoother transition to messenger.
*Fabricated using a high-pressure injection molding process.
*Made of 20% talc-filled homopolymer polypropylene containing 2% carbon black as a UV inhibitor.
*25 Year Warranty.


Part NumberLengthODIDXY
FOSDA-12-ADSS17.63” 13.10” 12.00” 0.550” 0.75”
FOSDA-17-ADSS 25.25” 18.94” 17.50” 0.815” 0.95”