Straps for Coaxial Cable

  • Our UV stabilized black straps are recommended for extended outdoor use. UV stabilized white, ivory, tan, and gray straps are also available on special order.

  • Our 1” nails are heat treated for use in wood, mortar joints, or ‘soft’ masonry. Longer 1-3/16” heat treated nails are available on special order.

  • Our CC-1021 has a special 5/8” nail designed exclusively for use in masonry.

  • To prevent cable damage from an accidental hammer blow, we offer straps with a #6 x 1” Phillips Head self-tapping screw. If used with a plastic screw anchor, this strap can also be used on masonry.

  • Our CC-1006 strap has a #8 x 3/4” Type AB Tapping Screw for attaching #14 and #12 ground wire. Straps with a #8 x 1” Slotted/Phillips Hex Head Type AB Tapping Screw are also available. Type AB screws will cut threads in a pre-drilled hole in concrete, block, or any masonry material.

  • A ‘snap on’ feature for straps with the #8 Tapping Screw speeds installa

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