EASyCAPEncoder / DecoderTrilithic introduces the next generation EAS platform, the EASyCAP™ Encoder/Decoder. This new integrated solution combines everything needed to deliver CAP based audio and video alerts, in a one-box solution including: EAS, CAP, local access messages, audio/video peripherals, control over serial and network based devices, interfaces to management systems, and network protocols and interfaces.

The new EASyCAP solution can receive all of the required alert messages including local access messages for franchise agreements and the EASyCAP can control all of the devices necessary to deliver the messages to system subscribers.

This next-gen solution not only handles all of today’s EAS requirements, but provides a flexible and expandable platform designed to accommodate requirements and features that may be needed in the future. As CAP standards and FEMA requirements continue to evolve, Trilithic’s innovative open architecture simplifies the process of making changes and adding new capabilities and features. All software and firmware can be upgraded across the Network connection. The EASyCAP platform utilizes common interfaces such as secure web servers and SNMP, so that common tools that users are familiar with can be used rather than installing and operating proprietary software.

There are several new features included in this platform including:
¦ Six input channels are provided to monitor for EAS messages, each input is configurable as external audio or an optional internal radio receiver (Economy version only supports 4 inputs)
¦ All EAS inputs are decoded simultaneously and overlapping alerts are stored until they can be processed to guarantee that all incoming alerts are received and processed
¦ Multiple user interfaces are provided to allow operators to encode EAS messages: front panel touch-screen LCD, telephone interface, general purpose inputs, and secure Web Server

This new platform is designed for next generation EAS and is in compliance with all of the current CAP IPAWS standards. The EASyCAP platform allows multiple sources to be configured for receiving CAP alerts. Additional interfaces can be added as they are defined and required by FEMA, the FCC, individual State plans, and individual operators

Automatic Weekly Test Generator
A span of days and times can be configured for generating random weekly tests, and Required Weekly Tests are automatically generated at random times each week.

Custom and Local Access Messaging
Satisfying local franchise agreements, the EASyCAP provides the ability for local authorities to quickly send local alert messages (audio and video) to subscribers and the ability for operators to send administrative or informative messages to subscribers. Custom text and audio can be setup with the message and then played back immediately or saved for playback at a later time.