Frequency Agile ProcessorsThe HP-40 and HP-60 frequency agile processors have been designed to convert any off-air or cable channel input to any cable channel 2–78. All channel conversions are performed using simple front panel buttons and a large LED display indicating input and output channels. Frequency control is accomplished by a microprocessor controlled, PLL synthesized tuning circuit to assure accurate, stable operation. The HP-40 and HP-60 both use SAW filtered conversions to assure high out-of-band rejection, as well as a high reliability CATV hybrid output amplifier (HP-60) for low distortion and high output performance.

· 50 & 60 dBmV Output Models
· Precise Signal Regulation
· Easy-to-Read Front Panel LED Channel Display
· BTSC Stereo Compatible
· Switching Power Supply (Operates From 90 to 260VAC)
· Dual SAW Filtering
· Adjacent Channel Performance