DSR-6050 Integrated Receiver/Transcoder The DSR-6050 Integrated Receiver/Transcoder from Motorola brings revolutionary technology advances from a recognized leader in satellite program delivery. With the increased demand for HD services, programmers are looking for new distribution architectures taking advantage of emerging technology trends such as HD video processing, MPEG-4 AVC, and advanced modulation. The DSR-6050 is a next generation commercial satellite receiver, capable of transcoding MPEG-4 HD services into a MPEG-2 HD service output.

Packaged in a 1 RU chassis, the Motorola DSR-6050 comes equipped with industry standard output interfaces such as Gig-E and dual ASI outputs that enable seamless connections to head-end equipment. With advanced modulation support, the DSR-6050 supports 8PSK Turbo and DVB-S2 modulation.


• MPEG-4 HD to MPEG-2 HD transcoding
• Advanced Modulation support with DVB-S2 and 8PSK Turbocode
• Gig-E and dual ASI transport outputs
• 1RU chassis design
• Eight RF Inputs (L-Band)
• Variable tuning from 4 MHz to 36 MHz
• VBI and Ancillary Data support
• DigiCipher® II conditional access control
• Quick disconnect screw terminals for easy installation
• ASI input
• 10/100 BaseT Ethernet port for SNMP monitoring and control
• Outputs NTSC video and analog audio for confidence monitoring