BucklesMarathon Buckles in Type 201 stainless steel are designed to accommodate both single and double wrap applications. The unique teeth and ears provide for maximum clamping strength.


Part NumberDescriptionUMStd Pkg QtyPkg Wt (lbs)
MAR253 3/8” Type 201 SS Buckle EA100/Box 1
MAR254 1/2” Type 201 SS Buckle EA100/Box2.3
MAR255 5/8” Type 201 SS Buckle EAv2.5
MAR256 3/4” Type 201 SS Buckle EA100/Box4
MAR440 3/4” Heavy Duty Type 201/301 SS Buckle EA25/Box 1.6
MAR441 1” Heavy Duty SS Buckle EA25/Box2.4
MAR442 1-1/4” SS BuckleEA25/Box3.2