Figure-8 Span ClampThe DIAMOND Figure–8 Span Clamp is used in CATV and telephone drop installations to provide drop wire take–offs along a span of figure–8 aerial cable or multi–pair distribution wire, relieving tension on the drop wire at this point. It is also used as a pull off to hold figure–8 aerial cable or multi–pair distribution wire away from obstacles in the line of aerial construction. This application eliminates the use of tree guards. This Clamp is a multi–purpose clamp. The 3/8" hook has a deep bend and extended shank to retain a drop wire clamp or wire grip so it cannot slip off. And it has the strength required to withstand the stress of pulling the cable or wire away from an obstruction along the cable run. This multi–purpose design eliminates the need to carry two separate clamps in inventory.

· Hook and nut are made of high quality steel. Mechanically galvanized to meet ASTM specifications A153 and B695.
· Through controlled galvanizing, threads are sharp and clean, allowing nut to turn easily.
· Plates are made of high grade aluminum alloy, with a tensile strength of 45,000 P.S.I.
· Full 3/8" body and thread diameter of hook insures against nut stripping and snapping of bolt.
· Tensile strength of steel hook is 75,000 P.S.I.
· Clamp will accommodate multiple drops.
· R.E.A. accepted.

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