ME-7000 CONVERGED COMPRESSION PLATFORM MULTI-FORMA ENCODER/TRANSCODERThe ME-7000 high performance converged compression platform is focused on the efficient delivery of high quality linear broadcast video for IPTV, cable, satellite and OTT applications. It provides multi-codec support of HEVC, MPEG-4 AVC and MPEG-2 encoding. Output formats may be UltraHD 4k, HD, SD or multi-bitrate (MBR) transcoding for ABR multi-screen IP video delivery.
Through the optimum combination of ASIC-based compression technologies coupled with ARRIS video pre-processing software enhancements it provides the best of hardware and software architectures, delivering high-density and high video quality in a future-proof, upgradable platform. The ME-7000 provides a flexible and easily upgradeable system with cost saving low power per channel to provide simultaneous multi-format outputs in any environment.
• Dedicated programmable silicon designed for multi-codec compression
• A consistent, high density channel count within a 1RU platform, independent of input or output encoding formats
• Dual hot-swappable power supplies for ultimate flexibility of 24 x 7 operation
• Flexible configuration options simplify headend architectures, reduce chassis count, and increase reliability
• Embedded Element ManagerGUI for easy drag and drop configuration and management along with XML configuration over HTTPS
• Reduced capital and operational costs through reduced rack-space, less power and cooling requirements, compared with software based encoders
• Modular upgradeability to UHD, HEVC codec support as required
The ARRIS ME-7000 converged compression platform provides unmatched video compression efficiency for the highest quality video at all bit-rates. Dedicated encoding/transcoding hardware, using the latest compression silicon designs and software techniques, delivers incredible density, saving valuable rack-space and power. Designed for 24x7 operation, the ME-7000 is the best choice for service providers delivering multi-format video services to their subscribers.