Corning Fiber CleaversFBC-002
The FBC-002 Basic Cleaver is a handheld cleaver designed for the easy installation of single-fiber UniCam® Connectors and is included in the UniCam Basic Installation Tool Kit. This basic cleaver incorporates all of the same features found in typical score and cleave style cleavers. Simply load the fiber, score and cleave. The FBC-002 cleaver readily accepts 900 µm tight-buffered fiber, 250 µm coated fiber, furcated fibers and all jacket types. No custom fiber handlers are required.

Corning Cable Systems FBC-006 Fiber Cleaver with diamond blade provides smooth, flat, perpendicular fiber end faces necessary for low-loss fusion or mechanical splicing. Fast and easy to use, it produces high-quality, repeatable cleaves for multimode, single-mode, ClearCurve ® and NZDS fibers in one simple step. This unit is RoHS compliant and will cleave 250 µm coated fibers and 900 µm buffered fibers with a cladding diameter of 80 µm to 125 µm.

Corning Cable Systems High-Precision Flat Cleaver is a hand held, ergonomically designed precision cleaver enabling easy installation of UniCam® Connectors. The cleaver provides consistent cleaves regardless of operator skill level. It uses a dual clamp for precision and a diamond blade for superior cleaving.

Corning Cable Systems FBC-012 Mass Fiber Cleaver provides excellent cleaves of one to 12 fibers using a simple one-step operation. The cleaver comes with a universal single-fiber guide that may be used when cleaving single fibers. The removable guide allows the cleaver to hold common fiber handling adapters of mass fusion splicers or fiber handlers for UniCam® Connector installation. The 12-position blade can be replaced in the field.