XFTP SAT LITE • Simultaneous Display of Signal Strength and Quality of Signal
• QPSK C/N and BER Measurements
• C & K Band
• More Than 3 Hours Operation Time Lightweight, Handheld, Easy to Use

The XFTP SAT LITE™ Meter makes satellite installation and alignment simple and fast. Perfect for installers and contractors, this satellite meter provides signal level and signal quality tuning for easy dish alignment and measures digital satellite BER and C/N quickly to confirm a quality signal.

Using simple bar graphs and audio tones, the XFTP SAT LITE provides the necessary tools for fine-tuning the dish position, and provides power to the LNB for dish setup without a receiver or TV connected.

Weighing less than two pounds, this easy-to-setup and easy-to-use satellite meter is all you need for successful satellite dish alignment. The XFTP SAT LITE comes with a bag, strap, charger, and an operation manual.


Part NumberDescription
2011185001 XFTP SAT LITE Satellite Meter