Sign StandsHow to Select Sign Stands

Sign stands are available in many configurations, sizes, and price ranges. Eastern Metal offers more standard models than any other manufacturer. The information provided below will help you determine the best stand for your needs.

C-Stands TM Compact Stands TM for Roll-up C-SignsTM. C-StandsTM are favorites of utility, cable, telephone, and survey companies. Preferred by crews with heavily equipped vehicles in need of a compact, high-performance stand. Many styles and price ranges are available in a choice of aluminum or steel models.

E-StandsTM Heavy-duty, compact folding Econo-StandsTM are our lowest priced, all-purpose stand for holding both Rigid or Roll-Up Warning SignsTM. Econo-StandsTM are designed for 2-lane local and/or 4-lane roadways.

H-StandsTM A great seller for almost 40 years. H-StandsTM are easy-to-handle and store and available for either rigid or roll-up signs. H-StandsTM are ideal for local and in-town 2-lane streets.

X-StandsTM Designed to hold the larger size signs required for 4-lane highway use. Several models meet the interstate highway 60" height above grade requirement. X-StandsTM hold a variety of sign types and sizes and are available in a wide range of features and prices.

* C-SignsTM with Three-Flag-Holders require some adjustment of the mast and roll-up sign holder.
† Extra weight required with 48" signs.

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