Voltage Detector - FVDFeatures
• Gives advance warning on extremely hazardous voltages
• Senses voltages without contacting the source electrically
• Indicates voltage both visually and audibly
• Suppresses 20Hz ringing and radio stations’ signals with built-in filters
• Housed in non-conductive material
• Exceeds dielectric strength tests for greater than 20 KV
• Allows tests parameters to be factory adjusted
• UL listed to U.S. and Canadian safety standards
• Made in U.S.A.
• U. S. Patent No. 5,952,820

The Foreign Voltage Detector (FVD) tests for potentially hazardous AC voltage that may be encountered by communications technicians.The FVD warns technicians of hazardous voltage without contacting the electric source.

The FVD provides visual indication of the amount of AC being detected on a 10 step bar graph. An audible alarm will sound if the detected AC voltage exceeds 50 volts.

There are two models of leather pouches available that can be attached to the technician’s tool belt. The Model FVDP is for carrying the FVD, and the Model FVDP3 is for carrying the FVD, scissors and knife.

The FVD replaces the 188A Test Set, but it has many more features. Some of these added features are its light weight, small size, remote sensing ability, and suppression of 20 Hz ringing and radio stations’ signals.


Part NumberDescription
FVD/FVDPVoltage Detector with Leather Pouch